Long-Lasting odor control


odor control

You’ve already got enough to worry about in your busy life.  Vaginal odor is simply inconvenient; it can affect what you do, where you go and even what you wear.

With its patented odor-control technology Neutresse®, Norforms provides effective, deodorant protection that lasts for hours, so you can be ready for anything and everything.

A suppository is unique because it is inserted directly into the vagina.  The Norforms formula works with your body’s natural chemistry to combat odor internally and safely.

Safe & Gentle for everyday use

Safe & Gentle

for everyday use

You use deodorant under your arms everyday to stay fresh.  Norforms provides refreshing deodorant protection that lasts for hours.

Whether you are super active or just sitting all day long, sometimes you want an extra boost of freshness down there.

Norforms is a deodorant suppository intended for daily use to help you feel fresh for hours.

Gynecologist & Dermatologist Tested

Gynecologist & Dermatologist


With a specially designed formula, Norforms is hypoallergenic and pH-Balanced to help you feel fresh and clean for hours.

Norforms ingredients are specifically chosen for a woman’s body and then clinically tested for safety.

Each suppository is wrapped in sanitary foil for your protection.